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原标题:Signify- 900th Member Milestone for EnabLED Licensing Program Steady program growth rate over the years, 100 new members in 10 months 150 new LED inventions added to the program in February; access to more than 400 inventions in over 2,600 patents

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced that it has reached the 900th member milestone for its EnabLED Licensing Program for LED luminaires and retrofit bulbs in May. This latest milestone underlines the company's commitment to research and development and innovation in the latest energy efficient LED technologies.

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The 100 new members are a good reflection of the total LED market as they represent all LED application areas and come from small- and medium-sized companies, as well as large multinationals. The new members serve various markets such as consumer, industrial, retail, street lighting and retrofit bulbs. In addition to mainstream markets, new members are also active in a wide range of niche markets.

"The success of the Licensing Program that provides access to more than 400 inventions and over 2.600 patents to companies that sell their own branded LED products, is reflective of the rapidly increasing share of LED-based sales in the lighting market. The strong continued growth in membership illustrates the further maturing of the use of LEDs in the market," said Frank Bistervels, Vice President Intellectual Property at Signify. "We continue to invest in improving LED lighting technology even further and have added 150 new innovations to the program in February alone.

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Growing the market

Since 2008, EnabLED has encouraged innovation and fostered growth in the LED lighting market. EnabLED is committed to ensuring the program is fair and reasonable to all. Recently added LED patents include inventions such as filament-based LED products, warm dimming incandescent emulation, omnidirectional lighting for LED lamps, LED glare reduction, asymmetric LED light output, uniform mixed LED colors output and connected LED lighting technology.

Signify became the new company name of Philips Lighting as of May 16, 2018.

(Image: Signify)

多年来稳定的计划增长率,10个月内有100个新成员在2月份增加了150个新的LED发;在2,600多项专利中获得400多项发世界领先的企业Signify(泛欧证券交易所代码:LIGHT)今天宣布,其LED和改装灯泡的EnabLED许可计划在5月份已经达到了900位成员的里程碑.这一最新里程碑突显了公司致力于最新节能LED技术的研发和创新.(Image:Signify)100名新成员充分反映了整个LED市场,因为它们代表了所有LED应用领域,来自中小型公司以及大型跨国公司.新成员为消费者,工业,零售,街道和改装灯泡等各种市场提供服务.除主流市场外,新成员还积极参与各种利基市场.“许可计划的成功,提供了超过400个发和超过2个.向销售自有品牌LED产品的公司提供了600项专利,这反映了市场中LED销售份额的迅速增长.成员数量的强劲增长说了市场上使用LED的进一步成熟,“Signify知识产权副总裁Frank Bistervels说。.“我们将继续投资于LED技术的进一步改进,并且仅在二月份就为该项目增加了150项新的创新技术.(Image:Signify)市场发展自2008年以来,EnabLED一直鼓励创新并促进LED市场的增长.EnabLED致力于确保该计划对所有人都公平合理.最近增加的LED专利包括诸如灯丝型LED产品,温调变白炽灯仿真,LED灯的全向,减少LED眩光,不对称LED光输出,均匀混合LED颜色输出和连LED技术等发.截至2018年5月16日,Signify成为飞利浦的新公司名称.(Image:Signify)来自网络翻译


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